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Since the Localism Act 2011 was passed we have a clearer more democratic and effective system of government.  The legal requirement for consultation with the public allows people to voice their ideas and their concerns on government plans, most significantly those which have a direct impact on their daily lives.

Westgate-on-Sea Town Council recognises the process of consultation requires more support and we are looking at effective ways to achieve this, for the moment all relevant consultations are advertised on our website and Facebook page.

To take part in Consultations at Thanet District Council please register at:

Currently the Statement of Community Involvement Review is out for consultation until April 9th 2021.

A Statement of Community Involvement is a clear explanation of how and when a community can become involved in the preparation of planning policies and the determination of planning applications, it is a legal requirement for Local Government (District Council) to outline plans on how they will involve individuals and local organisations in community consultations.

Building and development in our area is a hot topic and we urge residents to take part in having their say.  Consultations provide opportunities for people to voice their opinions, but few people engage with the numerous consultations available to them which results in the thinking ‘my voice won’t be heard’.  By taking part in the Statement of Community Involvement review you will be taking a first step in knowing more about how consultations are run and how you can take part and contribute to the outcomes for Thanet.

It is now 10 years since the Localism Act 2011 came into force, yet many communities nationwide are not taking advantage of the law that enables people to comment on future legislation.  Social media is not the platform for effective sharing of ideas on changes made by Government, changes which are all consulted on need to be responded to via the official means of communication.

Statement of Community Involvement Review - Public Consultation - 25 February - 9 April 2021
A document setting out how Thanet District Council will seek to involve local communities, businesses and other organisations in the planning process will be available for public consultation.
The updated Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) will be out for public comment for the next 6 weeks (Thursday 25 February - Friday 9 April 2021). The aim of the SCI is to encourage greater participation and a more efficient and inclusive decision making process.
The SCI provides residents with a guide on how they can have their say on all aspects of planning - the Local Plan and other planning policy documents, planning applications and the approach to the various stages involved in preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. It was last reviewed in 2012 and, since then, communication methods have dramatically changed allowing easier, more direct and more digitally focussed methods of engagement in addition to the more traditional ones. The requirements introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic have further reinforced this.
Have your say
Anyone wishing to view and comment on the new and updated SCI can do so online. Feedback needs to be completed by 5pm on Friday 9 April 2021.
If you require any assistance or need a hard copy version, please call 01843 577591 or email [email protected]
People will also be able to respond with their comments via the post to Strategic Planning, Thanet District Council
PO Box 9
Cecil Street
01843 577000

Once we have received all the comments and feedback, they go back to Cabinet for review and then on to Full Council (with any amendments proposed) for a decision. The updated SCI, if adopted, will replace the 2012 version

Adrian Verrall, Strategic Planning Manager

Thanet Local Plan Review - Call for Sites - 10am 25 March - 5pm 21 May 2021
The Council has launched a “call for sites” to inform options for future development and the provision of other facilities in Thanet as part of the update of its Local Plan (adopted in 2020), which extends the Plan period to 2040.
The Council is inviting site proposals for a range of uses:


Self/Custom Build Housing

Gypsy & Traveller site provision

Employment space

Retail provision

Nature conservation/biodiversity net gain offset sites

Open space/green infrastructure/Local Green Space
Please submit your site proposals on-line at:
Submitted sites will be assessed against a number of criteria, and there is a questionnaire that sets out the information that the Council will need to assess your site for the purpose proposed - their suitability, availability and viability. The questionnaire contains a map drawing tool for you to identify the site and a facility for you to upload any supporting documents. It is important that any sites subsequently allocated as part of the Local Plan update support the wider objectives of the Local Plan strategy and are capable of being delivered within an appropriate timescale. Site submissions that do not include responses to the questionnaire may not therefore be considered.
If you need to request a paper copy of the site submission form to return to us by post, please call 01843 577591 and return your completed form to us at Strategic Planning, Thanet District Council,Cecil Street, Margate, Kent CT9 1XZ, or email us at [email protected] for a PDF of the form to return by email.
Yours faithfully
Date: 25/03/2021
Thanet District