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Hannah Scott

Westgate-on-Sea Town Council Hannah Scott

Dr Hannah Scott has been on the Town Council since its formation in 2015 and has recently gained a PhD for her research in Environmental Science. She has chaired the Neighbourhood Plan Steering group for the past few years and also sits on the Planning, Highways and Environment Committee. These two groups are very important due to the pressure from the 2000 houses allocated next to the town from the Thanet District Council Local Plan. She has also organised two protest walks against the housing development, several public information days and attended the Local Plan Hearing in Public to speak for the Westgate residents.

Dr Scott says: “I was first interested in becoming a Town Councillor when I read about the proposed 1000 houses in the draft TDC Local Plan. As I am an environmental scientist, I know the value of our local soils. We do need some housing, however, the council should keep our fields for growing food, especially in this time of climate change. The situation is even worse now that we are being allocated 2000 houses and there is not a legal argument against this - it is permitted in the National Planning Policy Framework.

I shall continue to ask for less housing, however understanding the limitation here, I will also be lobbying to get the best development possible for the town with the right kind of road system, services, open spaces, trees and respect for the existing residents.

If the houses go ahead, I know that residents would like to see some distance between the existing houses and the new development, the correct type of services, roads and parking, a good open plan nature and good quality housing. I will try to ensure that all of this is included and that a Westgate-on-Sea woods is also included to combat some of the negative aspects of this over development of our town.

Going forward, I aim to change the way that housing is allocated in Local Plan so that the next TDC Local plan does not completely concrete over Westgate and the whole of Thanet.”

Contact: 07411 815157

[email protected]