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Keep your staff and customers safe

By Gill Gray Westgate-on-Sea Town Council

Wednesday, 27 January 2021


Westgate-on-Sea Town Council Contributor


Keep your staff and customers safe

Residents in Kent and Medway face an unprecedented challenge from Covid-19 (coronavirus) and the impact it is having on lives, work and families.

Help stop the spread in Kent and keep your business closed if it is on the list of businesses that must close.

Public complaints about Kent businesses breaching Covid rules have more than doubled since lockdown rules were imposed and we are reminding businesses that can open of their obligation to keep their staff and customers safe.

Face Coverings

It is compulsory to wear face coverings in shops, shopping centres, banks, public transport, places of worship etc.

Challenge customers who are not wearing masks - you can refuse entry if they do not have an exemption. The police can enforce if necessary.

Clean and Sanitise

Provide cleaning stations including hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes or spray and tissues for any trolley/basket handles.

Identify and regularly clean key touch points e.g. door handles, lift buttons, keypads, stair/escalator handrails.

Social Distancing

Social distancing both within your premises and outside, including queues, is your responsibility to manage. Below are some things you can do. Consider appropriate staffing, security and queue management and make sure there are sufficient markings in place to support 2-meter social distancing, one-way systems and limits to the number of customers inside at any one time.

Make regular announcements to remind staff and customers to follow social distancing advice.

What help is there?

We recently sent you an email about the ‘Lockdown 3 rules for business’ webinar that we held with representatives from KCC Trading Standards, Environmental Health, KRF Enforcement Cell and Kent & Medway Growth Hub. If you were not able to attend, watch the replay above and hear the answers to many business questions.

If you need any Covid-19 related business advice please don't hesitate to call 03333 60230.

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