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By Gill Gray Westgate-on-Sea Town Council

Wednesday, 7 April 2021


Westgate-on-Sea Town Council Contributor


Notice is hereby given that the
5th Assembly of the
Will be held on Thursday 22nd April 2021 at 7pm
Via Zoom virtually
Meeting ID: 842 5126 1451
All the community are welcome to attend
Gill Gray (Town Clerk & RFO)
1. Chairman’s Welcome
2. To receive apologies for absence
3. Minutes – to receive and approve the minutes of the fourth assembly of 17th April 2019
4. Guest Speakers to speak to Members and residents
a) Steve Migan to speak about Changing Minds and the Lifeboat Project.
b) Peter Hasted to speak about the role of Tree/Biodiversity Warden for the Town and how you can get involved in activities.
c) Mark Vogle the newly appointed PCSO for Westgate-on-Sea.
5. Public questions
To receive questions and comments from the community in relation to the Guest Speaker’s presentations.
6. Chairman’s Report
(a) To receive an annual report from the Chairman
6th April 2021
7. Kent Association Local Councils Community Awards Scheme and Town Council Community Star Awards
a) Town Council in conjunction with Kent Association Local Councils, Kent County Council and the High Sheriff of Kent to award a Local Council Community Award to recognise the contribution of individual(s)
b) Town Council to award people in the community who go above and beyond to support the Town and the local community of Westgate-on-Sea with Community Star Awards.
8. Town Clerk Report
To receive annual report from Town Clerk (Presentation using PowerPoint) Town Clerk to present annual achievements of the Town Council.
9. Public Discussion Forum
To receive ideas, questions and comments from the community.
10. Consultation Opportunities and Looking Forward
• Feedback on recent survey undertaken via the Town Council magazine, April issue and invitation to take part if not already done so.
• War Memorial Recreation Ground; ideas sought for improvements.
• Christmas lighting update
• Volunteering opportunities for various initiatives.
• Draft Action Plan for 2021/22.

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Gill Gray

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