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Westgate-on-Sea is a charming Victorian town, steeped in Heritage with quaint shops and two fantastic blue flag beaches.

Just before the outbreak of the First World War, a Royal Naval Air Service Station, used by seaplanes was opened at St Mildred’s Bay (formerly Marsh Bay). Seaplanes took off from the sea itself and two slipways constructed for the seaplanes were used to convey the seaplanes from the hangers to the sea (and vice versa). The returning planes were winched back onto the shore.

Westgate-on-Sea has two wide open bays, West Bay and St Mildred's which are the perfect place to relax or take part in sporting activities.

Westgate-on-Sea Town Council was formed in 2015 and is here to actively support the people who live, work and visit our Town. The council aims for full transparency and open communication, if you cannot find what you are looking for on this website please get in touch.

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Westgate on Sea Town Council’s vision for Westgate on Sea is that of a vibrant, thriving and welcoming community, where people want to live, work and visit.


Westgate on Sea Town Council wants to work with the community to improve and promote the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the people of Westgate on Sea, in particular by:

  • Improving the general appearance and cleanliness of the town;
  • Working with local businesses to increase the Prosperity of residents;
  • Supporting children, young people and the elderly, and encouraging inter-generational activities;
  • Influencing other bodies, for example Kent County Council and Thanet District Council by providing a democratic voice for the Westgate on Sea community
  • Helping to protect the level of services to the Town, for example education and health service to ensure the community is not disadvantaged or deprived of essential services
  • Engaging in an open dialogue with the community of Westgate on Sea to better understand their needs and, in turn, explain how we will address those needs within the resources and powers on the Council
  • Working with other groups and organisations to preserve and enhance character, heritage and unique identity of the Town
  • Promoting Westgate on Sea as a clean, safe and inviting Town for all
  • Helping to create a socially inclusive and caring community which embraces all its residents, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, culture, income, race or religion and seek to develop their understanding and mutual co-operation; working in partnership where possible to achieve more for Westgate on Sea
Westgate-on-Sea Town Council Home
Westgate-on-Sea Town Council Home