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Town Councillors

Westgate-on-Sea Town Council consists of 10 elected councillors.  A councillor's normal term of office is four years.  Any person over 18 who is a citizen of the UK, the EU or the Commonwealth can be a councillor if they are an elector in, work in, live in or within three miles of the area of the local council, unless they are disqualified.  Reasons for disqualification include holding a paid office or other place of profit within the Council, being subject to a bankruptcy restrictions order or is convicted of criminal offences.

The normal term of office for the Chairman and Vice Chairman is one year, the posts are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

A councillor is a holder of a public office, not a volunteer, and has no authority to make decisions about council business on his own.

The main job of a councillor is to participate in the collective decision making processes of the council.

Councillors are subject to obligations set out in the code of conduct adopted by the council.  Councillors financial and certain other interests in council business must be transparent.  Information about councillors is available in the council's publication scheme.

  • Cllr David Donaldson
  • Cllr Elysa D'Abbro
  • Cllr Stephen Fenning
  • Cllr Tim Green
  • Cllr Thomas King
  • Cllr Alice Mulinya
  • Cllr Matthew Scott
  • Cllr Clive Veck
  • Cllr David Wallin