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Joanna Cornford - Chair

Westgate-on-Sea Town Council Joanna Cornford

Joanna Cornford is one of the 10 elected Town Councillors on the Council in Westgate-on-Sea.

Joanna was elected to the Town Council on the 7th May 2015 and currently sits on  - 

Planning, Highways & Environment Committee 

Human Resources Committee

Events, Tourism & Developments Sub-Committee

Neighbourhood plan steering group

Born in Margate in 1954 my family has deep roots within the Margate, Westgate-on-Sea and Birchington areas.

Although I grew up in Westgate-on-Sea I have spent a lot of time away at school and abroad during my married life. I have three children and two grandchildren and returned ‘full time’ to Westgate-on-Sea in 2004.

I run the Westgate on Sea Investment Company Limited, set up by my father in 1959. The Town Hall Buildings in the heart of Westgate is part of the company portfolio, built in 1909 -1910 it is the home of the Carlton Cinema, Frederick’s Tea Shop, commercial Offices and two residential Flats

In 2008 my eldest daughter came to work in the family company and in 2010 as landlords and to prevent it from closing we took on the running of the Carlton Cinema, now under the management of the Picturedrome Electric Theatre Company Ltd run by Adam Cunard, and thriving.

In 2011 we created ‘Frederick’s’ in memory of my father and in 2013 my daughter left to have her second child and ‘Frederick’s’ was leased and for the last three years has been run in the very capable hands of Jane Ashbee-Welch

In 2015 I put my name forward as a Councillor for Westgate-on-Sea and I am here to support our community in any way within my remit as a town councillor.

I believe that a town council, run effectively, can provide a significant voice for its community. In the twenty first century, more than ever before, local government has the landscape conducive to achieving actual results for our area. Openness, transparency and honesty are effective tools now required within local government to achieve these results and to be a part of this and a part of the corporate body of our very own town council is an honour as well as a responsibility and I trust that everyone will take a positive view and contribute in a positive way to making this opportunity of our own Town Council work for all those who live in and contribute to Westgate on Sea; a beautiful sea side town which should be cherished by all of us, working together, for the good of our area.

Contact :  07896 092324

[email protected]