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By Gill Gray (Town Clerk/RFO) Westgate-on-Sea Town Council

Thursday, 29 September 2022


Westgate-on-Sea Town Council Contributor


As expected, the scammers are out and about re the £400 rebate from the Govt re the energy bill. You may receive a text or an e-mail which says something along the lines of:

GOV-UK : Due to the Energy Bill Support Scheme, you are owed £400 under the discounted energy bill.

You can apply here:

This is followed by a link to their scam site. Do NOT click on the link. Most discounts on the energy bills will be managed by your provider in the form of a £67 reduction in your bill over a six month period. If you are unsure the message is legitimate, please contact your energy supplier. DO NOT click on any links attached to any messages sent.

Please forward this to any friends or family you think may benefit from this advice.

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