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Allotment Gardens

Westgate-on-Sea Allotment Gardens

Westgate-on-Sea Allotment Gardens can be found on Lymington Road just along from the Recreational Ground and Play Park.  Set up in the 1920s the allotments were small areas of land leased to residents for the purpose of growing food.  Westgate-on-Sea Town Council took over the management of the allotments from Thanet District Council when it was formed in 2015.  The site currently has 95 plots (a mix of half plots and whole plots) including a half plot managed by the Westgate-on-Sea Allotment Association.

Due to high demand we are currently only offering those on our waiting list a half plot.  Priority is given to those who live in Westgate (CT8 Post Code) and do not currently have an existing plot.  Please see below the costs for an allotment:

  • Half Plot £21.90 plus £10.00 water charge per annum.
  • There is a £15.00 refundable key deposit required for new plot holders or for replacement keys.

For more information or to request your name be placed on the waiting list please email Chloe Wheatley at [email protected]  To be added to the waiting list please provide your full name, address, email and contact number.


Site Representatives

Our Two Site Representatives (re-elected November 2020) are Mara Longley and Jose Gibbs.  Both have been Plot Holders at Lymington Road Allotments for many years.  They provide support to all allotment holders and are the first point of contact for any allotment queries.  Working closely with Town Council they also both sit on the Allotment Working Group and are also members of the Westgate-on-Sea Allotment Horticultural Association.


Westgate-on-Sea Allotment Working Group

The Allotment Working Group Is formed of Allotment Plot Holders, Westgate-on-Sea Town Council representatives and members of the Westgate-on-Sea Horticultural Allotments Association.  The Group meet around 4-5 times a year to discuss the Allotment services and ways in which the Town Council can improve the Lymington Road Site.

The Allotment Working Group currently consists of the 8 members.  Tony Whiting (Chair), Sonia Stewart (Vice Chair), Councillor Pauline O’Connor (Town Councillor / Town Council Representative), Marianne Boniface (Allotment Horticultural Association Secretary), Mara Longley (Site Representative), Jose Gibbs (Site Representative), Norman Sinclair-Jones (Allotment Horticultural Association Member) and Chloe Wheatley (Town Council Representative / Minute Taker).


Westgate-on-Sea Horticultural Allotments Association

Westgate-on-Sea Horticultural Allotments Association is voluntary to join. This Association is affiliated to National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners and the Royal Horticultural Society. Its main activities are providing a 'shop' for the purchase of fertilizers and other items, the provision of public liability insurance cover and the distribution of seed catalogues from the National Association. Seeds can be purchased through this catalogue at a discount, as well as producing a small profit for the Association funds.  For further Information you can email [email protected]